Our Services

We offer a personalised service that is unique to every client. Paul takes the time to come and talk to you, view your garden and discuss your ideas and requirements. You may need;

A design proposal
A quote for construction of a design you already have i.e. from another landscape architect
A quote for construction without the requirement for a design i.e. a driveway
A maintenance program i.e. weekly or monthly visits depending on your requirements
We are totally transparent in our pricing so you can see exactly how your quotation is put together.

Detailed below is more information about the range of services Virtuoso Landscapes offers.


On acceptance of our design proposal we will draw up a preliminary landscape plan of your garden, meet with you to discuss any changes and then draw up the finished plan.


Virtuoso has the plant, machinery and experienced operators to complete earthworks to the highest standards.


From retaining walls to pergolas, fireplaces to pizza ovens we can build all your garden structures using the best materials.

Civil and Site Works

We have the expertise to undertake all site works from levelling and compaction of sub-base and base course layers through to the inclusion of concrete kerbs, channels, nibs and mowing strips.

Drainage and Plumbing

Virtuoso installs all required stormwater drainage, cesspits and channelling. We also specialise in installing plumbing for irrigation systems.

Hard Landscaping and Surfacing

Whatever the surfacing requirements are, we can do it! Natural stone paving is sourced direct from quarries in New Zealand, Asia or Europe. Also available is a huge range of concrete and asphalt surfacing in a variety of textures, colours and patterns.

Soft Landscaping and Planting

Plants are sourced from specialist nurseries from all over New Zealand. All trees and plants are hand-picked for each project. Strict quality control means that only the best specimens make it into your garden. Topsoils are specially blended to suit the planting requirements.


Virtuoso provides lighting schemes as an option for all gardens. We have electrical technicians who specialise in garden lighting and ensure that cabling is subtle and the mood and effect is maximised.


We also have a specialist irrigation team who can install automated irrigation systems that take the hassle out of watering.

Bespoke features

We believe each landscape project is unique so pergolas and water features aren’t bought off-the-shelf. We have quality joiners and fabricators who can construct landscape features out of any materials that will fit perfectly in your garden.


Virtuoso offers an aftercare service to ensure that your garden always looks its best.

Our portfolio of work gives you a flavour of the range and depth of Virtuoso’s expertise.